F-SERIES #2: Three-Legged Pair

Music Video for Fictionist Studio

For most of us, being satisfied with what we have is a challenging state of mind to be in. Most of us aspire to have more money, more time, more gravy on our rice, more digital storage space, more comfort, more faith in our relationship, etc. Using a pair of socks as a metaphor — how we only have 2 feet for 2 pieces of socks to be worn, with no extra legroom (no pun intended) — one of Fictionist Studio’s key members, Jona Lim, wrote a song about a three-legged pair of socks; lamenting abstractly on how we’d want a more adequate life partner, when usually, the relationship is already good as is. Same goes to other aspects of our daily lives.

Directed by SOH CHIA LOK
a RESERVOIR production
in collaboration with Fictionist Studio